Animal Genetics and Breeding

About Department

The Department has mandates on Research, Teaching and Extension in the area of Animal Genetics & Breeding, Human Resource Development in the area of Animal Genetics & Breeding, consultancy and Development of superior germplasm and its dissemination to farmers and stakeholders involved in Animal Husbandry development in the country.

The Department is involved in conducting research in the areas of Animal Genetics & Breeding including Quantitative Genetics, Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics. The main thrust areas in research include genetic improvement of indigenous ( Sahiwal and Hariana ) and Hardhenu cattle through selection for faster multiplication of superior germplasm for the performance improvement of animals, development of animal genetics and breeding methodologies for selection of elite animals , developing genomic based selection and breeding strategies and genetic polymorphism studies for early selection of elite animals.



The Department has the state-of-the -art structures for research facilities consists of Advanced labs with latest software facilities, Molecular Genetics Labs, Computer Cell, Livestock Record Cell, Livstock and Poultry Farm. The division has eleven Scientists, seven Technical officers, three Administrative and two Supporting staffs.


Dr. A.S. Yadav 
Prof. & Head
Phone (O): 01662-256119







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Dr.S.P.Dahiya Professor View Details
Dr.B.S.Malik Principal Scientist View Details
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Supporting staff

Office Staff
K.L.Gandhi Dy. Superintendent 
Pardeep Kumar  Dy. Superintendent
Raj Singh Yadav Assistant
Bhup Singh  Clerk
Surender Kumar  
Satish Kumar  
Dhara Singh  
Lab Staff
Prem Singh Assistant
Vijay Kumar Laboratory Assistant
Nand Kishore Laboratory Attendant
Field Staff
Parbhu Ram Sr.Dairy Attendant
Shri Krishan Tractor Driver
Kanwar Singh Driver
Animal Attendants
Amarjeet S/o Laxmi Chand  
Abhey Ram S/o Surja Ram  
Smt.Angrej Devi  
Diwan Singh  
Gobind Bahadur  
Ishwar S/o Rameshwar  
Jogi Ram  
Krishan S/oMatu Ram  
Smt.Manjinder Kaur  
Om Parkash S/o Chandu Ram  
Pawan Kumar  
Smt.Prem W/o late Sh.Ram Sarup  
Rama Shankar  
Rohtash S/o Lakhi Ram  
Rajinder Kumar  
Smt. Soni Devi  
Smt. Banso  
Sh. Phool Singh  
Sh. Amir Singh  
Smt. Dolti  
Sh. Shambhu  
Sh. Ramesh  
Sh. Sandeep   
Sh. Mukesh   



To conduct basic and applied research in Animal Genetics & Breeding.

Genetic Evaluation and development of breeding strategies for the improvement of Livestock and Poultry.

To disseminate superior germplasm for genetic improvement of Animal Genetic Resources.

To impart under-graduate and post-graduate education and training to farmers.



To accelerate the rate of genetic progress in livestock and poultry.

To evolve new breeds/strains. 

To characterize, conserve and improve Animal Genetic Resources.



Integration of quantitative and genomic selection methodology.

Crossing of various breeds/strains for combining different traits of economic importance for the evolution of new genotypes. 

Establishment of Genetic evaluation (Biometrical) and genomic laboratory.


Major Achievements

Developed breed/strain of dairy cattle- Hardhenu
Developed breed/strain of sheep – Harnali
Developed breed/strain of chicken - Harlay
Milk production enhanced by 2-3 times through crossbreeding
Awarded North Zone second postion Kamdhenu Award-2017 For its outstanding contribution 
for conservation and genetic improvement of hariana and sahiwal Cattel.














Post graduate students







Kapil Dev









Dr.sunil kumar



Dr.sandeep kumar








Bahurupi pooja Rajendra 



Manoj kumar 



Vikram jeet 





Number of students successfully completed

a)     PhD              -  70

b)    MVSc/MSc  -  152


Research Projects

Research Programme and Projects :


Research Programme: Genetic improvement of Animals through identification and dissemination of superior germplasm by using emerging reproductive and molecular technologies and traditional selection method.

Ongoing projects

  1. Genetic Improvement of Jakhrana Goat for Prolificacy and Mutton Production sponsored by Government of Haryana (2007-2012)
  2. Establishment of an Elite Herd of Sahiwal Cattle for Conservation Genetic Improvement and Dissemination sponsored by Government of Haryana (2007-2012)
  3. In Situ Conservation of Munjal and Nali Sheep for Genetic Improvement and Dissemination sponsored by Government of Haryana (2007-2012)
  4. Genetic Improvement in Poultry and Different species of Livestock sponsored by Government of Haryana since (2002)
    1. Cattle component- Evolution of new breed Hardhenu
    2. Sheep Component- Evolution of new breed - Harnali
    3. Goat component- Conservation of beetle goat
    4. Poultry component- Development of new strain Harlay
  5. Conservation and Genetic Improvement of Indigenous Livestock Breeds sponsored by Government of Haryana since (2009)
  6. Self- Finance / Revolving fund schemes - Propagation and dissemination of superior germ plasm of egg type chicken (SF-51) sponsored by Government of Haryana and ICAR
  7. Establishment of Superior Germplasm Unit for Genetic Up-gradation of Hariana Cattle in Rural Households (RKVY)
  8. Genetic Improvement and Conservation of Indigenous Breed- Hariana
  9. Establishment Of DNA Bank for conservation of indigenous germplam (RKVY)
Completed projects
  1. All Indian Coordinated Research Project on Cattle (Milk Component) sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi from 1968-1986
  2. Genetic Improvement of Indigenous Breeds – Hariana Cattle sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi from 1988-2009
  3. Genetic Improvement of Beetal goats by crossing with Sannen and Anglo-Nubian (PL-480)
  4. Evaluation of Genetic Potential of some Indian breeds of goat-Beetal and Black-Bengal and their crosses for meat production sponsored by DST, Govt. of India, from 1979-1984
  5. Development of specialized sire and dam lines for the production of commercial broilers sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi from 1989-1993
  6. Small Farm Rural Poultry Production sponsored by ICAR-NATP, New Delhi from 1999-2003
  7. Sustainable high production of indigenous and crossbred cattle and buffaloes in rural household sponsored by ICAR-NATP, New Delhi from 2000-2003
  8. Estimating the crosscombining ability of Corriedale and Russian Merino rams with Nali ewes sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi from 1975-1986
  9. Improving lambing rates in Sheep through embryo and other breeding technologies and production of rams sponsored by ICAR-NATP, New Delhi from 2000-2005
  10. Establishment of superior Germplasm Unit For Genetic Up-gradation of Hariana Cattel in Rural Households,RKVY form 2014-2017.