Instructions to Authors

The Haryana Veterinarian publishes original articles in English pertaining to health and diseases of animals. The articles are published as research and clinical articles and as short communications. Invited review articles shall also be published from time to time. The manuscripts are accepted on the understanding that their contents have not been and will not be published in whole or in part in any other journal and are subject to editorial review and revision. All authors should agree to submission of the article in The Haryana Veterinarian for publication. Authors should also give a certificate to the effect that all experiments on animals have been undertaken in accordance with the provisions of the laws governing animal experimentation. Copyright of the published articles rests with the publisher. To download the AUTHORS’ DECLARATION CERTIFICATE (click here).

Manuscripts in duplicate, on a CD and a draft of Rs. 700/- (in favour of Dean, College of Veterinary Sciences, Hisar as a processing fee for each article) should be submitted to the Editor, The Haryana Veterinarian, Department of Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology, College of Veterinary Sciences, LUVAS, Hisar-125 004 (India). The manuscripts can also be submitted through e-mail: Authors should provide their e-mail id while submitting the manuscript.

The manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman regular 12 font with double line spacing, on one side of A-4 size paper leaving a margin of 2.5 cm on all the four sides. First line of paragraphs should be indented 1.0 cm from the left text margin and follow justified alignment for paragraphs. No line space be given between paragraphs. The headings (in bold, capitals and centred) should be separated from the preceding and succeeding text by one line space. Only standard abbreviations should be used, all other abbreviations should be explained at first occurrence in the manuscript. Metric system of measurements should be followed. The manuscript should include :

The title page should be separate and include the title of the paper (all capital letters, bold and centred on page), one blank line space followed by names of authors (all capital letters, and centred on page), followed by the complete affiliated institutional address in the next line where the work was actually conducted. Corresponding author and current addresses of authors, if any, should be given in numerically indentified footnotes of the title page.

The text should start from the next page having title on top and should include a self contained abstract containing the objectives, a brief reference to pertinent main facts of methodology and results, followed by conclusions of the study in a nutshell. Abstract should not exceeds 300 words.

Introduction should explicitly introduce the topic to the reader and should contain the hypothesis or objectives of the study.
Materials and Methods should give details of experimental design, species studied, types and numbers of observations and statistical tests employed for making comparisons.

Results can be combined with discussion, if necessary, to avoid repetition of results. Data given in tables and figures should not be repeated in the text. Figures should be preferred wherever possible to highlight relative values of data.

Discussion should be concluded in the light of the findings of the investigation under report and existing literature. Figures and Tables should be submitted individually on separate sheets of paper, centred on the paper and should be numbered in Arabic numerals. Statistical differences in values should be identified by different superscripts following the values.

Figures and Tables The title of the figures and tables should the self-contained and explanatory of the contents of the Figure/Table. Categories in the line diagrams should be identified by open and full circles/squares/triangles in that order.

Photographs should be submitted on glossy paper with legends on separate sheet and photograph identified with the legends in pencil on back of each photograph.

Acknowledgements and References should continue on the same sheet following discussion. References appearing in the text should be given in the list, arranged in alphabetical order and typed in the same font but in size of 10 points. Each reference should be in the hanging indent of 1.0 cm from left text margin, without line space between references and should include the names of all authors. References should include author(s) name(s) (Year of publication). Title of the article. Name of the Journal [abbreviated in accordance with the Fourth Edition of the World List of Scientific Periodicals] Volume no. : first and last page numbers.

It should be in the form of a brief report and should contain a summary of the technique/observations/findings and conclusions, and the text should not be subdivided into subsections. Necessary references/photographs/short tables may be included where necessary as per the pattern of the journal.