Veterinary Surgery and Radiology


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About Department

The Department started as Department of Medicine and Surgery in 1948, became functioning as full fledged department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology in 1966. The department of Surgery and Radiology has the mandate for teaching and research in various disciplines of the subject viz. general surgery, anaesthesiology, radiology, orthopaedics and experimental surgery. The Department has responsibility of management of surgical affections of the animals. The teaching programme of the department have been planned to impart effective practical training to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Apart from offering courses to the students of B.V.Sc. & A.H. programme, the department offers M. V. Sc. and Ph. D. degree in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology. The faculty members collaborate with the Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex for internship programme and to offer clinical practice courses to the undergraduate and post Graduate students. The department has a well equipped radiology section to provide diagnostic services for small and large animals. Clinical camps and clinical conferences are held routinely at district level of the Haryana State to provide short courses/refresher training to the field veterinarians and to extract information about the problems. Short term training courses are arranged from time to time for scientists and teachers from other institutes. This department has made landmark achievements in the field of anaesthesia, diagnostic imaging and surgery particularly diaphragmatic hernia in buffaloes. Persons of repute have occupied the chairs of professors or head of the department. The faculty members of this department have always followed time honoured tradition of team work and made collective efforts to maintain high standards of teaching and research. The students and teachers of this department are holding or have held top positions in the institutes/organizations/profession. Many of them have been on foreign teaching assignments. First Ph.D. in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology in India was awarded from this department. First large animal X-ray machine in India was installed in this department. The idea of forming Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery was mooted in this department and society was formed with headquarters here in 1977.
  • Human resource development in terms of graduates and post graduates in the field of veterinary surgery and radiology.
  • To safe guard animal health and alleviate animal sufferings.
  • To conduct research in the field of anaesthesia, surgery, imagining techniques, orthopedics etc.
  • Farmer’s advisory service regarding prevention and management of surgical disorders in domestic animals.
  • To provide inputs at various levels to other universities and institutions in terms of expert.

Thrust areas

  • Balanced anaesthesia in animals
  • Management of surgical disorders in animals
  • Radiographic examination in animals
  • Ultrasonographic examination of soft organs of animals
  • Endoscopy and endosurgery in animals
  • Education technology in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology




Dr.Ashok Kumar  Professor and Head View details
Dr.Rishi Tayal  Professor (Presntly working as comptroller LUVAS,Hisar) View details
Dr.Ram Najar Chaudhary  Assistant professor View details
Dr.Deepak Kumar Tiwari  Assistant professor View details
Dr.Neeraj Arora  Assistant professor View details
Dr.Sandeep Kumar  Assistant scientist  View details


Supporting Staff

S.No. Staff Designation 
1 Shri Kaptan Singh  Assistant 
2 Shri Tarun Kumar  Clerk
3 Shri Arwinder Kumar X-ray Technician 
4 Shri Krishan Kumar  Senior Laboratory Assistant 
5 Shri Pawan Kumar  Laboratory Assistant 
6 Shri Harish Kumar  Senior Laboratory Assistant 
7 Shri Rohtash  Messenger 
8 Shri Surender Kumar  Attendant 
9 Shri Jasbir  X-Ray room Helper 


1. Dr. Satbir Sharma Ph.D. Scholar
2. Dr. Amit Sangwan Ph.D. Scholar
3. Dr. Harjeet Singh Ph.D. Scholar
4. Dr. Mohit Jamdagni M.V.Sc. Scholar
5. Dr. Vikas Kishore M.V.Sc. Scholar
6. Dr. Sukhdev Singh M.V.Sc. Scholar
7. Dr. Kulnidhi Sheoran M.V.Sc. Scholar
8. Dr. Shekhawat Ali M.V.Sc. Scholar
9. Dr. Vaibhav Bhardwaj M.V.Sc. Scholar
10. Dr. Ribu Varghese Mathew M.V.Sc. Scholar
11. Dr. Tushar Jain M.V.Sc. Scholar
12. Dr. Vishal M.V.Sc. Scholar
13. Dr. Gaurav Kumar M.V.Sc. Scholar


Number of post graduate students passed out


Degree Number
MVSc 130
PhD 52


 Major Research Achievements

  • Diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy (DH) technique in buffaloes through trans-thoracic and trans-abdominal approaches was advocated for the first time in clinical cases from this department.
  • Assessment of safety and efficacy of various preanaesthtics and anaesthetics (injectables and inhalants) in different species of animals and suitable recommendations were made for clinical use.
  • The survival rate after diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy in buffaloes is more than 90%. by using balanced anaesthetic combinations.
  • Studies on upward fixation of patella and arthritis in large animals
  • Standardization and clinical application of internal and external fixation techniques for repair of fractures in large and small animals
  • Significant studies were conducted on osteomylitis with special reference to kinetics of some antibiotics in bovines.
  • Studies on urolithiasis and pathophysiology of uremia in cattle and buffaloes
  • Evaluation of some analgesics combinations in orthopaedic cases
  • Attention has also been focussed on better pre and post operative management of surgical cases, fluid therapy, functional stomach disorders in buffaloes, efficacy of antioxidant therapy in buffaloes suffering from traumatic reticuloperitonitis and diaphragmatic hernia.
  • Radiography in large animals was started for the first time in India for diagnosis of different clinical conditions and contrast radiography techniques like osteomedullography, barium meal studies, myelography, sialography, intravenous pyelography, cystography and arthrography were also standardised for use in small and large animals.
  • Ultrasonographic findings of different organs of small and large animal have been documented during developmental stages and in clinical cases.


Research Projects


      Ongoing project

  • Studies on Management of Surgical Disorders in Domestic Animals (Government of Haryana)



Completed projects


        External agencies funded

Sr. No. Title of the project Principal Investigator Sponsoring Agency
1. Urolithiasis in domestic animals (PL-480) Dr. RPS Taagi New Delhi
2. Upward fixation of patella in animals Dr. Krishnamurthy Government of Haryana
3. Evaluation of pre-anaesthetics and anaesthetics in camels Dr. Jit Singh Indian Council of Agricultural Research,New Delhi
4. Evaluation of efficacy and safety of preanaesthetics and anaesthetics in buffaloes Dr. Ashok Kumar Indian Council of Agricultural Research,New Delhi
5. Role of ultrasonography in diagnosis of various affections in veterinary patients. Dr. Sk  Chawla  Indian Council of Agricultural Research,New Delhi



  • Upward fixation of the patella in animals (non-plan state scheme)
  • Studies on reticular hernia in bovines (non-plan state scheme)
  • Studies on thoracic disorders in buffaloes. (non-plan state scheme)
  • Studies on immobilization techniques for repair of fractures in animals (non-plan state scheme)
  • Studies on Stress in Relation to Anaesthesia in Domestic Animals (non-plan state scheme)




International Travel Fellowships

  • Dr. Kuldip Singh attended World Congress of Veterinary Anaesthesia at Utrecht, Netherland (August 1992)
  • Dr. S. K. Chawla attended 10th International Veterinary Radiological Association meeting held Philadelphia ,USA (August 1-6, 1994)
  • Dr. Ashok Kumar attended 8th World Congress of Veterinary Anaesthesia at Knoxville, Tennessee ,USA (September16-20th, 2003)
  • Dr. Ashok Kumar attended the International Scientific Conference on camels, held at Buraydah, Saudi Arabia (May 9-11, 2006)


1.     Dr. V.D. Kashyap Gold Medal for Best Ph. D. Thesis to Dr. D. Krishnamurthy, 1976


Sr. No. Name Position Institution
1. Dr.RPS Tyagi  Vice Chancellor HPKVV, Palampur, (HP):
2. Dr.RPS Tyagi  Member ASRB, ICAR, New Delhi:
3. Dr.RPS Tyagi Director of Research HAU, Hisar
4. Dr.RPS Tyagi Dean COVS, Hisar
5. Dr.JM. Nigam, Dean COVS, Hisar
6. Dr.JM. Nigam Dean COVS, HPKVV, Palampur (HP)
7. Dr.JM. Nigam Director, Students Welfare HAU, Hisar
8. Dr.AP Singh  Dean COVS, Hisar
9. Dr.AP Singh Vice Chancellor DUVASU, Mathura (UP)
10. Dr.AP Singh Dean COVS, Jabalpur (MP)
11. Dr Jit Singh  Director, Students Welfare CCS HAU, Hisar
12. Dr Jit Singh Additional Director of Research CCS HAU, Hisar
13. Dr Jit Singh Dean COVS, MPUA&T, Rajasthan
14. Dr.Kuldip Singh  Registrar LUVAS, Hisar


Sr.No. Title Editors/Authors Year of Publication Publishers
1. An Atlas of Large Animal Radiology J.M. Nigam. A.P. Singh and I.S. Chandna 1985 Allied Publishers, Delhi
2. Ruminant Surgery–A textbook of the surgical diseases of cattle, buffaloes, camels, sheep and goats R.P.S. Tyagi and Jit Singh (Eds) 1993 CBS Publishers and Distributors, Delhi.
3. Veterinary Radiology-Basic Principles and Radiographic Positioning A.P. Singh and Jit Singh (Eds) 1994 CBS Publishers and Distributors, Delhi.
4. Applied Veterinary Handbook RK Chandolia, Prem Singh and Rakesh Kumar 2012 Kalyani Publishers, Ludhiana



Sr.No. Title Editors/Authors Year of Publication Publishers
1. Upward fixation of the patella in bovines and camel D. Krishnamurthy and R.P.S. Tyagi 1976 Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar
2. Diaphragmatic Hernia in Bovines D. Krishnamurthy, J. M. Nigam, P. K. Peshin, D. N. Sharma, and R. P. S. Tyagi 1985 Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar









P.G. Thesis