Recent notifications issued by Dean, Post-Graduate Studies

List of post graduate students enrolled during the academic year 2015-16

List of post graduate students enrolled during the academic year 2016-17

List of post graduate students enrolled during academic year 2017-18

Guidelines for centralized admission to doctoral degree programmes in the Universities under ICAR-AU system

Revised guidlines for ICAR’s fellowships for Post-graduate Studies (PGS) in Agricultural Sciences

Academic Calender of MVSc. & Ph.D. programme for the Year 2017-18

Data regarding Ph.D. Scholars who have registered for 2nd semester 2016-17

Admission order 1/2017

Amendment in University Calender regarding credit load and advisory system

Amendment in University Calender-II -Important for PG/PhD students

Amendment in University Calender-II regarding allotment of PG/PhD. Students

Result Notification No. 1/2018

Result Notification No. 2/2018

Result Notification No. 3/2018

Result Notification No. 4/2018

Result Notification No. 5/2018

Result Notification No. 6/2018


Revised Academic Calender of M.V.Sc. & Ph.D. Programmes for the Academic Year 2019-20

Notification of counselling programme for admission in Ph.D. for 2nd semester of 2019-20

Result Notification 09/2019

Regarding completion of Bio-Stat course

Admission order No. 8/2019 (PhD)

Corrigendum to Admission order No. 8/2019 (PhD)

Admission Order 9/2019 (PhD)

Result Notification 1/2020

Office order of Dr Saurabh (2017V28M)