HPVK (Mahendergarh)

  1. To provide diagnostic and treatment facilities for various diseases of domestic animals of the region including disease surveillance.
  2. To study epidemiology, pathobiology, diagnosis and treatment of parasitic diseases of domestic animals of Southern Haryana, and.
  3. To create additional facilities for internship training of B.V.Sc & A.H. programme

Regional Director:

Dr. K.K. Jakhar

Dr. K.K. Jakhar Regional Director, HPVK  View Details
Dr. Rajendra Yadav Animal Health Specialist (Veterinary Medicine) View Details
Dr. Jinu Manoj ADIO (VPHE) View Details 
Dr. Amit Sangwan Animal Health Specialist (Veterinary Surgery) View Details
Dr. Ajit Singh Mahla Animal Health Specialist (Veterinary Gynaecology) View Details
Dr. Sarita Scientist, Veterinary Extension View Details
Dr. Jyoti Shunthwal Scientist, Animal Science View Details

Non Teaching Staff:

Sh. Amit Kumar, VLDA

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