Livestock Products Technology

About Department

The department came into existence in 1977 with a view to undertake teaching, extension and research activities. The department has two sub-disciplines namely: meat technology and dairy technology in which UG and PG teaching are imparted. The research activities are oriented towards product development, extension of shelf life and development of functional meat and milk products. Training to farmers in milk and meat processing is the main extension activity undertaken by the department.

Head of the Department : Dr. D.P. Sharma
Phone: 01662 256125


Dr. D.P. Sharma Professor and Head View Details
Dr. P.K. Bhardwaj Professor View Details
Dr. S.S. Ahlawat Professor View Details
Dr. B.S. Beniwal Sr. MDO-cum-Dairy Manager View Details
Dr. Ashok Kumar Malik Scientist View Details
Dr. Sanjay Yadav Asstt. Prof. View Details
Dr. Rekha Dahiya Asstt. Prof. View Details

Supporting Staff

Sh. Hemant Mehta Assistant
Sh. Ishwar Singh Jr.Scale.Stenographer.
Sh. Desraj VLDA
Sh. Santosh Clerk
Sh. Vikas Dhanda D.M.A.
Sh. Hari Singh S.G.
Sh. Ram Phal Beldar
Sh. Shyam Lal Butcher
Sh. Bhim Singh Boiler Attendant
Sh. Ram Niwas Animal Attendant
Sh. Mahabir Cook-Helper

Post graduate students/ Research Assistants/ Senior Research fellows

Dr. Suman Bishnoi, Ph.D. student
Dr. Rekha Devi, Ph.D. student
Dr. Shelly Jain, Ph.D. student
Dr. Vaquil, Ph.D. student
Dr. Apoorva, Ph.D. student
Dr. Monica Ahlawat, M.V.Sc. student
Dr. Sajid Hussain, M.V.Sc. student
Dr. Priyanka Sharma, M.V.Sc. student

Research Projects

Ongoing projects
Standardization of processing technology for meat and poultry products
Studies of Indian milk products and training thereof
SF – 37 (Milk Supply Scheme)
Production and processing of meat and dairy products under Experiential Learning Programme for setting up of facilities for hands on training.

Completed projects
Studies on the preservation, packaging, transportation and marketing of duck eggs.
Studies on proper utilization of unproductive and culled poultry including poultry industry waste for better economic returns
Pilot Plant studies on manufacturing meat and poultry products
Quantitative and qualitative changes in poultry products due to input, processing and output variables during manufacture of poultry products
Studies on modified atmosphere packaging technology and natural antioxidants to improve the quality of meat and meat products
Study on development of dietary fibre enriched designer meat products.
Strengthening/modernization of facilities for manufacturing of indigenous milk products and entrepreneurship programmes on value added safe and wholesome milk products to rural women/high-tech dairy farmers/youth in Haryana

P.G. Thesis