Veterinary Medicine

About Department

The Department of Veterinary Medicine is actively engaged in imparting training in the areas of Veterinary Clinical and Preventive Medicine, Animal Welfare, Ethics and Jurisprudence to the under graduate (B.V.Sc. & A.H.) and post-graduate (M.V.Sc. and Ph.D.) students. The Department is undertaking research on diagnosis, therapeutics, prevention and control of various infectious and metabolic diseases of livestock and as well as pet animals. The Department caters to the needs of Clinical services rendered in the VCC through large animal OPD, indoor patients, ambulatory clinic and emergency clinic. The extension activities of the Department include dissemination of current and updated information on health and disease aspect of livestock and pet animals to the farmers through mass media platforms such linical Camps, Kisan Goshthi, Krishi Mela, Dairy Farming Training etc.

Head of the Department :
Dr. Yudhbir Singh
M.V.Sc., Ph.D
Phone (O): 01662- 256111
Fax : 01662- 270164, 289722



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Supporting staff

Sh. Sunil Pandey Senior Lab Assistant
Vivek Beniwal Clerk

Major Research Achievements

  • Development of cell culture vaccine against bovine tropical theileriosis – Patent granted.
  • Elucidation of role of oxidative stress in pathogenesis of post-parturient haemoglobinuria (PPH) in buffaloes for the first time in India – Hari Om Ashram Trust Award (ICAR).
  • Successful establishment of role of oxygen releasers in the management of anaemic anoxia in post-parturient haemoglobinuria (PPH) in buffaloes for the first time in India – Best research paper award (Indian Veterinary Association). 
  • Development of successful therapy comprising of various antioxidants and anti-fibrinolytic drugs for post-parturient haemoglobinuria (PPH) in buffaloes.
  • Developed strategies for successful management of mastitis and pica in animals.
  • Development of sensitive diagnostic assays for haemoprotozoa and other infectious diseases of animals.
  • Development of effective therapeutic regimen of gastrointestinal hypomotility syndrome in bovines. 

Post Graduate Students(2018-19)

  1. Dr. Parveen Kumar, Ph.D. Student
  2. Dr. Sumnil Marwaha, Ph.D. Student 
  3. Dr. Dinesh Gulia, Ph.D Student
  4. Dr. Manisha Poonia, Ph.D Student 
  5. Dr. Neelam, Ph.D Student
  6. Dr. Harish Kumar Vashishth, M.V.Sc student
  7. Dr. Pratibha Ravish, M. V.Sc student
  8. Dr. Deepika Kataria, M.V.Sc. student
  9. Dr. Nisha, M.V.Sc. Student
  10. Dr. Sonu, M.V.Sc. Student
  11. Dr. Ansu Kumari, M.V.Sc. Student
  12. Dr. Annu Yadav, M.V.Sc. Student
  13. Dr. Chetan Jajoria, M.V.Sc. Student
  14. Dr. Jharna Koul, M.V.Sc. Student
  15. Surbhi Gupta, M.V.Sc. Student

Research Projects

Research project in operation 
137 c(a) VMD-1 Plan Vety.: “Investigation on infectious and non- infectious diseases of animals”. 
1) To test the efficacy of various drugs in treatment of mastitis.
2) To study the pathogenesis of infectious and non-infectious diseases of animals.
3) To evolve effective therapeutic regimes for infectious and non-infectious diseases of animals.

P.G. Thesis