A.    Faculty trainings organized by the ICAR Centre of Advanced Studies/ Centre of Advanced Faculty Training in Veterinary Microbiology:


Sr. No. Title of the course Course Coordinator(s)




1 Trends in Immunodiagnostics for Veterinary Microbiology Dr. S. K. Kalra Dr. S.C. Tewari Feb. 11 to Mar. 2,1996
2 Murine Monoclonal Antibody Production Dr. Arvind Kumar Dr. S.C. Tewari Jan. 14 - Feb 2, 1997
3 Enzyme Immunoassays in Veterinary Microbiology Dr. G. Prasad Dr. S.C. Tewari Mar 3-17, 1997
4 Clinical Veterinary Microbiology Dr. R.N. Srivastava Dr. D.P. Monga Mar 5-24, 1998
5 Update in Poultry Microbiology Dr. S. K. Kalra &     Dr. S Charan Dr. D.P. Monga Aug 3-22, 1998
6 Update in Bovine Diagnostic Microbiology Dr. K. L. Ahuja & Dr. V. D. Purohit Dr. D.P. Monga Feb 4-24, 1999
7 Recent Approaches in Immuno-diagnostics for Livestock and Poultry Dr. G. C. Chaturvedi Dr. D.P. Monga Jan 11-31, 2000
8 Advances in Cell Culture Technology Dr. R. Sharma Dr. D.P. Monga Mar,3-23, 2000
9 Emerging and Reemerging Diseases of Poultry Dr. P.C. Sharma Dr. D.P. Monga Sept 5-Oct 4, 2000
10 Molecular Approaches in Diagnosis of Infections in Livestock and Poultry Dr. S.K. Batra Dr. V.D. Purohit Jan.,5-    Feb.,3,2001
11 Production and Use of Instructional Material on Veterinary Virology Dr. S. Kapoor Dr. S.K. Kalra Feb 8-28, 2002
12 Production and Use of Instructional Material on Veterinary Immunology & Serology Dr S. K. Kadian Dr. S.K. Kalra Dec. 16, 2002-Jan. 06, 2003
13 Management Of Microbes As Instrument Of SPS Compliance And International Livestock Trade Dr S. K. Kalra, Dr N. K. Kakker, Dr J. R. Rawat Dr. S.K. Kalra Nov. 18-Dec. 08, 2003
 14 Development of Instructional Material for General Veterinary Microbiology Dr Y. P. Grover & Dr S. Kapoor Dr. S.K. Kalra Feb.10-Mar. 1, 2004
 15 Antimicrobials, Disinfectants, and Immunomodulators – The Indian Heritage Dr Ajit Singh & Dr S. K. Kalra Dr. S.K. Kalra Nov. 8-28, 2004
 16 Accreditation and Allied Issues with Focus on Development of Website of Core Courses Of Veterinary Microbiology’ Dr. S.K. Kalra,  Dr S. Kapoor & Dr G Singh Dr. S.K. Kalra Feb. 1-21, 2005
 17 Capacity Building of Decentralized Institutions for SPS Compliance and Self Employment Dr. S. K. Kalra, Dr A. K. Vinayak, Dr. S. R. Garg, Dr. N. K. Mahajan Dr. S.K. Kalra Oct. 11-31, 2005
 18 Current Methods in Veterinary Microbiology Dr. R. Sharma, Dr. N. K. Kakker, & Dr. A. Sharma Dr. S.K. Batra Jan.17-Feb. 06, 2006
 19 Methods in Virology for Disease Diagnosis Dr. S. Kapoor, Dr. R. Sharma and Dr. Minakshi Dr. Arvind Kumar Dec. 28, 2006- Jan.17, 2007
 20 Techniques in Murine Monoclonal Antibody Production Dr. S.K. Kalra,  Dr S. Kapoor & Dr G Singh Dr. Arvind Kumar Jan. 23. –Feb. 12,2008
 21 Phage Display Technology for Production of Single-domain Antibodies Dr Ajit Singh Dr. Arvind Kumar Sept.25- Oct. 15, 2008
 22 Current Concepts in Immunoassays for the Diagnosis of Animal Diseases Dr. sharma and Dr N.K.K.arre Dr. Arvind Kumar Jan. 16. –Feb. 5, 2009
 23 Modern trends in vaccines and diagnostics for the control of infectious diseases in animals Dr. Shiv Charan & Dr. S.K. Batra Dr. Ajit Singh March 5-25, 2010
 24 Modern cellular and molecular immunology techniques in animal health Dr. S.K. Kadian & Dr. J. Rawat Dr. Ajit Singh Nov. 3-23, 2011
 25 Control of infectious diseases of animals, with particular emphasis on FMD Control Programme Dr R. Sharma and Dr N. K. Kakker Dr. Ajit Singh Sept.18- Oct. 8, 2012
 26 Advances in Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals Dr. S.K. Batra & Dr. Shiv Charan Dr Y. P. Grover September 17-October 7, 2013
 27  Capacity Building for Safe Exchange of Bovine Germplasm conforming to SPS Standards Dr. J. Rawat & Dr Swati Dahiya Dr Sanjay Kapoor February 3 to 23, 2015
 28 Development of Validated Diagnostic Assays and Accreditation of Diagnostic Laboratories Dr Swati Dahiya & Dr Archana Sharma Dr Sanjay Kapoor February 3 to 23, 2016



     Human Resource Development:




Year Name of training programme conducted No.of trainees Institution States
2007-08 Techniques in murine monoclonal antibody production  5 4 4
2008-09 Phage display techonology for production of single- domain antiodies  18 17 9
2008-09 current concepts in inmunossays for the diagnosis of animal diseass 12 11 8
2009-10 Modern trends in vaccines and diagostics For the control of infectious diseases iin animals  12 8 7
2011-12 Molecular and cellular iimmunology techniques in animal health  12 10 7
2013-14 Advances in diagnostic of infectious diseases of domesticc animals  15 14 8
2014-15 Capacity Building for safe Exchange of bovine Gernplasm confoming to sps standard  8 8 8
2015-16 Development of Validated Diagnostic Assaya and Accerditation of Diagnosti Laboratories’ 21 19 8
2015-16 Development of Validated Diagnostic Assays and Accreditation of Diagnostic Laboratories’ 21 19 8
2016-17 Modern Technologies for Production and Applications of Antibodies for Animal Health Improvement 25 18 10


I. Technologies, products & processes developed

  • Monoclonal antibody production by hybridoma technology.
  • Monoclonal antibody-based ELISA kit for estimation of immune status of cattle and buffaloes vaccinated against H.S.
  • Monoclonal antibody-based latex agglutination test (called TE-LAT) for detection of Trypanosoma evansi antigen (‘surra’ infection) in animals (In collaboration with Dr S. S. Chaudhri, Sr. Scientist, Regional Research Station, Uchani).
  • Phage display technology for production of recombinant single-domain antibody of Indian desert camel.
  • Phage display library of single-domain antibodies (>107 clones) of E. coli lipopolysachharide-immunized Indian desert camel.
  • E. coli LPS-binding single-domain antibody clones (n=24) selected from the phage display library mentioned above.
  • Staphylococcus aureus β-hemolysin-neutralizing single-domain antibody clone selected from the phage display library mentioned above.
  • DIVA test (3A-NSP antigen based ELISA) as per OIE protocol in collaboration with Freidrich Loeffler Institute, Greifswald, Insel Riems, Germany for differentiation of FMD infected and vaccinated animals (DIVA strategy).

II. Services offered:

  • Antibiotic sensitivity testing of clinical bacterial isolates
  • Latex agglutination test for diagnosis of Trypanosoma evansi infection in domestic animals (Developed in collaboration with Department of Veterinary Parasitology)
  • Indirect ELISA test for hemorrhagic septicemia antibodies in buffalo sera
  • PCR –based diagnostic tests for hemorrhagic septicemia in bovines


  • Smart Class-rooms for CAFT activities
  • Modernization and Accreditation of laboratories
  • Microbiological repository
  • Trainers’ trainings