About Department

The department of Livestock Production Management was established in December, 1966 and is engaged in teaching, research and extension activities. The department is involved in teaching of 05 UG courses (for Veterinary, Agriculture, and VLD Diploma) and 23 PG courses (for Veterinary only). Besides this, internship training, farm practical training, self employment training, livestock farm practices and animal farm training are being undertaken by the department regularly. A total of 208 students completed their post graduation degree (M.Sc/MV.Sc and Ph.D.) from the department of LPM. Since inception of LUVAS in 2010, this department has awarded M.Sc/MV.Sc and Ph.D. to 33 and 9 students, respectively. The faculty of the department has published eleven books, twenty five book chapters, nine practical teaching manuals, eight bulletins/booklets, seven training course compendium, organized three workshop/conference/seminars, three summer Institute, eight training courses and granted one patent.