About Department

The Department started as Department of Medicine and Surgery in 1948, became functioning as full-fledged department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology in 1966. The department of Surgery and Radiology has the mandate for teaching and research in various disciplines of the subject viz. general surgery, anaesthesiology, radiology, orthopaedics and experimental surgery. The Department has responsibility of management of surgical affections of the animals. The teaching programme of the department have been planned to impart effective practical training to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Apart from offering courses to the students of B.V.Sc. & A.H. programme, the department offers MVSc and PhD degree in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology. The faculty members collaborate with the Veterinary Clinical Complex for internship programme and to offer clinical practice courses to the undergraduate and post Graduate students. The department has a well-equipped small and large animal operation theatre for routine as well as specialized surgical procedures. The department also has a well-equipped radiology and ultrasonography section to provide diagnostic services for small and large animals. Clinical camps and clinical conferences are held routinely at district level of the Haryana State to provide short courses/refresher training to the field veterinarians and to extract information about the problems. Short term training courses are being organised from time to time for scientists and teachers from other institutes. This department has made landmark achievements in the field of anaesthesia, diagnostic imaging (radiography, ultrasonography, endoscopy), orthopaedics and soft tissue surgery particularly diaphragmatic hernia in buffaloes. Persons of repute have occupied the chairs of professors or head of the department. The faculty members of this department have always followed time honoured tradition of team work and made collective efforts to maintain high standards of teaching and research. The students and teachers of this department are holding or have held top positions in the institutes/organizations/profession. Many of them have been on foreign teaching assignments. First Ph.D. in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology in India was awarded from this department. First large animal X-ray machine in India was installed in this department in 1967. The idea of forming Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery was mooted in this department and society was formed with headquarters here in 1977.The department has the honour to organize three annual conferences and national symposia of the Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery, which were attended by the maximum number of the delgates ever in any of the conferences of surgery. The faculty members have bagged a number of prestisious national and international awrads, honours and fellowships. More than 1500 scientific papers, books, technical reports, training compendia, monographs, practical manuals etc have been published at national and international level.