Technology Developed

  • The department of Animal Nutrition has developed a technology to manufacture Densified Complete Feed Block, which is a boon for the dairy farmers and can help in balanced feeding of dairy animals and thereby, increasing milk production and profit incurred from dairy farming.
  • A simple cost effective indigenous technology has been developed for the preparation of by-pass fat (Ca-LCFA) using vegetable fatty acids, which helps to control rumen acidosis, optimize fat content & SNF in milk, better fiber digestion, improving body condition score, reproductive performance and in maintaining reproductive efficiency in high yielding dairy animals.
  • This department of Animal Nutrition has developed ‘cold processes of manufacturing Urea Molasses Mineral Block. Urea-molasses-mineral block (UMMB) is a strategic feed supplement for ruminants that provides fermentable nitrogen, energy, and minerals intermittently through licking.

Major Research Achievements:

  • The department has explored new protein feed resource Dried Distiller’s Grain With soluble (DDGS) for ruminants and poultry.
  • Supplementation of linseed oil and Ca salt of linseed oil @ 2% of DMI in Sahiwal cattle enhances the total CLA content of milk fat. It also increases the level of MUFA and PUFA in the milk fat.
  • De-oiled sunflower cake can be used as an economical alternate source of protein instead of groundnut cake in lactating cattle and buffalo.
  • Supplementation of bypass fat in the dietary regimen of high yielding cattle @ 10g/kg milk yield increases milk & 4% FCM yield, gets better reproductive performance, improves feed conversion efficiency.
  • Dietary supplementation of Omega -3 rich oil in dietary regimen of Sahiwal heifers a plasma hormone like insulin, IGF-1 and progesterone and number of ovulatory large follicles and reduces their pubertal age.
  • Shatavari Root Powder can be fed to lactating cattle @ 90 g per day for increasing milk yield and its constituents and also to minimize incidence of sub-clinical mastitis.
  • Growth and reproductive performance of the crossbred calves / heifers enhances if fed 15% higher level of energy and protein over the NRC standard.
  • Feeding of treated rice straw substituting wheat straw as dry roughage increases growth performance, feed conversion efficiency, feed conversion ratio and reduces feeding cost per unit gain in growing buffalo calves.
  • Use of faba bean as protein source in concentrate mixture of goats replacing GNC not only improves growth performance but also reduces cost of feeding.
  • Use of chelated Zn and Cu sources in mineral mixture for lambs improved their growth performance and feed conversion efficiency besides enhancing retention of these elements.
  • The department has identified different phytogenic feed additives/supplements and their doses in poultry rations replacing antibiotic, which increases production of meat and egg, improves their quality in terms of cholesterol, LDL, HDL & TG, enhances immunity of birds and augment net profit.
  • Replacement of 50% maize with pearl millet without multi enzyme and at 100% level with multi enzyme in broiler ration is economical.
  • For reducing the cost of meat production and maximizing profit from chicks 75 % of protein rich source soybean meal can be replaced with faba bean.
  • Feeding of soybean meal as protein source in concentrate mixture of horses partially replacing gram increases growth performance, improves feed conversion efficiency and reduces cost.
  • The department has developed the optimum particle size of feed ingredients for enhancing the nutrients utilization efficiency in poultry and ruminants and minimizing the cost of processing in terms of fuel energy.