Major Achievements
  • Established a separate dissection hall with all modern facilities and teaching aids such as Digital Translite Panels to help the students in dissection processes.
  • Well established histology laboratory with large number of charts and models for better understanding of the subject. The slides are shown on CCTV so that the students can have a clear picture microscopic structure of different body systems.
  • In addition the department has a well equipped osteology laboratory having large number of bones of different animals for ready reference of the students.
  • The museum of the department houses a large number of specimens of different organs of different animals which are not only of immense help to U.G. & P.G. students but also attract the visitors.
  • The research laboratory of the department is well equipped with Fluorescent microscope and Cryostat for carrying out the research work of class.
  • Comprehensive research carried out on the post-natal development of bones in buffalo and cattle helps to estimate the age of animal up to thirty months of age.
  • Large quantum of work completed on the histology of different systems such as digestive, respiratory, urinary, cardiovascular, nervous reproductive, endocrine and integumentary systems to give comparative differences in buffalo as compared to other domestic animals.
  • Gross and topographic anatomical work carried out on various body systems of camel and buffalo.
  • Significant contribution in camel anatomy provided great help to physicians and surgeons as this animal is of great importance in desert areas of Haryana and neighboring Rajasthan.
  • Angiography of various blood vessels of different body parts was also studied. Lately, work on ultrastructure of organs such as blood, tonsils and sub-commissural organs is being carried out.
  • Researches on other domestic and laboratory animals were also conducted. The centres of ossification have been located in long bones of prenatal and postnatal sheep and goat of either sex. Studies on endocrine, reproductive and nervous systems have been completed in these animals.
  • The detailed histological observations on the mediastinum testis of donkey, horse, camel, pig, rabbit, rat and hamster had been conducted and results were reported in an authentic reference book “The Testis” Vol.IV. Edited by Dr.A.D. Johnson (USA) and published by Academic Press, New York, U.S.A.

Post graduate students/ Research Assistants/ Senior Research fellows

  1. Dr. Shikha Saini, 2021V25D, Ph.D Student
  2. Dr. Geetanjali, 2022V08M, M.V.Sc. Student
  3. Dr. Naveen Bhadu, 2022V38M, M.V.Sc. Student