Dr. Gautam
Head of the Department

Phone: (O): 01662-256127 (R), +91-01662-256128
E-Mail: hod.vae@luvas.edu.in

Dr Gautam has more than 23 years’ experience of teaching, research and extension. He joined as Assistant Professor in the Department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension Education, College of Veterinary Sciences, Hisar in 2009. Subsequently, he was promoted to the post of Associate Professor and Professor in the year 2013 and 2016, respectively. Currently, Dr Gautam is having responsibility of Head of this Department since 25 July, 2020. He is also holding responsibility of Secretary,BOS, LUVAS. Dr Gautam is having working interest in the areas of Climate change, Modeling, Poverty and Livestock, Environmental sustainability of Production systems, animal health economics and policy, Food safety, Technology and Livestock, Gender, Animal Welfare, Animal Rights and Ethics, etc. He has written more than 80 research articles in journals of National and International repute. Dr Gautam has contributed in more than 20 books, compendiums, teaching and training manuals for undergraduate and postgraduate students of veterinary science. He has guided two Ph.D. and seven post graduate students. Currently, under his guidance, the department is working for the progress of university in general and farming community in particular.