Infrastructure Available

The department has following infrastructure facilities

  1. Laboratories
    1) Postgraduate Laboratory
    2) Undergraduate Laboratory

    1) Chemotherapy Laboratory
    2) Pharmacy Laboratory
    3) Experimental Pharmacology Laboratory
    4) Neuropharmacology Laboratory
    5) Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory
    6) Toxicology Laboratory
    7) Pharmacokinetics Laboratory
    8) Ethnopharmacology Laboratory

  2. Animal House for Laboratory Animals
  3. Seminar Hall
  4. Departmental Library
  5. Separate individual room for all faculties
  6. Post Graduate Students’ Room


  1. Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory: The department has a modern molecular pharmacology lab with equipment like BioSpectrometers (Eppendorf), Gradient PCR Thermal Cyclers (Bio-Rad), Horizontal Electrophoresis Systems (Bio-Rad), SDS-PAGE and western blotting systems (Bio-Rad), Basic Facility for Nanoparticle Synthesis, Laminar Flow, Weighing Balance, Binocular Microscope, etc. Studies on gene and protein expression for various markers are being handled in the lab. Moreover, the lab synthesizes nanoparticles for fundamental pharmacological and toxicological research studies.

  2. Toxicology/Chemotherapy Lab.: The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instruments, i.e. Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, Ultrasonic Homogenizer, Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer, Vortex Mixture, Antibiotic Zone reader, Sonicator ultra sonic cell, Digital Magnetic Stirrer, Tissue Homogenizer laboratory stirrer digital, Ice flaking Machine, Sonicator water bath, Water bath shaker, pH Meter, Precison top loading balance, Portable Electric Balance ELB-300, Refrigerator, Laminar flow Horizontal, Deep Freezer -400C, Compact Bench top High cap cooling centrifuge CM-8 Plus, BOD Incubator, Microscope etc.

    The laboratory is operating to conduct the practicaldemonstration to theundergraduate and post graduate students asper the standard course curriculum. It provides basic research facilities to the PG research workers to conduct their research work in the field of chemotherapy and toxicology of various xenobiotics.

  3. Experimental pharmacology Lab: The lab is well equipped with some state of the art facilities like CO2 incubator, high speed centrifuge, deep freezer (-800c), binocular microscope with camera, high precision electronic balance. The laboratory undertake various toxicological and pharmacological studies specifically safety evaluation of toxicants include acute toxicities, subacute and subchronic toxicity. Specific toxicities like genotoxicity, cytotoxicity, immunotoxicity, hematotoxicity and organ specific toxicity include hepatotoxicity etc related experiment are conducted in this laboratory.

  4. Pharmacy Lab: Pharmacy lab of department is equipped with basic pharmaceutical appliances such as weighing balance, mortars and pestles, test tubes, beakers, funnels, measuring cylinders, spatulas(stainless steel),ointment slab (porcelain), ointment pots, reagent bottle etc for compounding and dispensing of different pharmaceutical preparations such as powders, ointments, mixtures, liniments, lotions, liquors, tinctures, emulsions, and electuaries.