State schemes, ongoing and completed projects

Research Programme and Projects :

Research Programme: Genetic improvement of Animals through identification and dissemination of superior germplasm by using emerging reproductive and molecular technologies and traditional selection method.

Ongoing projects

  1. Genetic Improvement of Jakhrana Goat for Prolificacy and Mutton Production sponsored by Government of Haryana.
  2. Establishment of an Elite Herd of Sahiwal Cattle for Conservation Genetic Improvement and Dissemination sponsored by Government of Haryana.
  3. In Situ Conservation of Munjal and Nali Sheep for Genetic Improvement and Dissemination sponsored by Government of Haryana.
  4. Genetic Improvement in Poultry and Different species of Livestock sponsored by Government of Haryana 
    1. Cattle component- Evolution of new breed Hardhenu
    2. Sheep Component- Evolution of new breed - Harnali
    3. Goat component- Conservation of beetle goat
    4. Poultry component- Development of new strain Harlay
  5. Conservation and Genetic Improvement of Indigenous Livestock Breeds sponsored by Government of Haryana.
  6. Self- Finance / Revolving fund schemes - Propagation and dissemination of superior germ plasm of chickens and skill development in various domains of Animal Genetics & Breeding (SF-51) sponsored by Government of Haryana and ICAR
  7. ICAR Funded All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Cattle “Sahiwal – Data Recording unit”.
  8. Genome scanning for identification of economically important traits related markers in goat: a step towards improving economy of goat farmers in Haryana 5049-C(g)-AGB-07-OA. HSCST.
  9. Productivity enhancement of Scheduled caste Goat farmers through awareness programmes and latest molecular techniques 4066-C(g)-AGB-06-OA (RKVY).
Completed projects
  1. All Indian Coordinated Research Project on Cattle (Milk Component) sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi from 1968-1986
  2. Genetic Improvement of Indigenous Breeds – Hariana Cattle sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi from 1988-2009
  3. Genetic Improvement of Beetal goats by crossing with Sannen and Anglo-Nubian (PL-480)
  4. Evaluation of Genetic Potential of some Indian breeds of goat-Beetal and Black-Bengal and their crosses for meat production sponsored by DST, Govt. of India, from 1979-1984
  5. Development of specialized sire and dam lines for the production of commercial broilers sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi from 1989-1993
  6. Small Farm Rural Poultry Production sponsored by ICAR-NATP, New Delhi from 1999-2003
  7. Sustainable high production of indigenous and crossbred cattle and buffaloes in rural household sponsored by ICAR-NATP, New Delhi from 2000-2003
  8. Estimating the crosscombining ability of Corriedale and Russian Merino rams with Nali ewes sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi from 1975-1986
  9. Improving lambing rates in Sheep through embryo and other breeding technologies and production of rams sponsored by ICAR-NATP, New Delhi from 2000-2005
  10. Establishment of superior Germplasm Unit For Genetic Up-gradation of Hariana Cattle in Rural Households, RKVY form 2014-2017. 
  11. Genetic Improvement and Conservation of Indigenous Breed- Hariana
  12. Establishment Of DNA Bank for conservation of indigenous germplam (RKVY).