State schemes, ongoing and completed projects

Research  Scheme :-

Incidence and aetiology of various reproductive problems of ruminants in the state of haryana and treatment thereof.

Research Projects

Ongoing projects

  • Size-specific follicles selection and identification of non-invasive biomarkers of oocyte competence and embryo development in Buffalo (2023 -ongoing)
  • Implementation of Embryo transfer and in-vitro fertilization technologies for bovine breeding (2018 -ongoing)

Completed projects

  • Ozone therapy in treatment of sub-clinical endometritis in repeat breeding buffaloes (2020-23)
  • Establishment of Embryo Transfer-In–Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Laboratory and production of High Genetic IVF Embryos from indigenous cattle breeds (2018 -2021)
  • Characterization of the Murrah buffaloes based on melatonin receptor (MTNR1A) gene polymorphism and its association with reproductive seasonality (2016- 2018) funded by HSCST, Panchkula.
  • Transfer of Ultrasound Knowledge from lab to Farmers’ doorstep (2015-18) funded by RKVY
  • Diagnosis of infertility owing to hormonal imbalance and optimizing fertility through hormonal approaches in dairy animals (2014-17) funded by RKVY.
  • Development of Mechanised detorsion device to correct uterine torsion in buffalo sponsored by Director of Agriculture, Haryana (2010-2011) 
  • Improving economy of farmers through very early assessment of pregnancy and understanding the causes of infertility & solving the problem in buffaloes sponsored by Director of Agriculture, Haryana (2009-2011)
  • Investigation in to the causes of infertility and sterility in cattle and buffaloes and prevention thereof in the State of Haryana. Government of Haryana, Non-plan1974-2003
  • Incidence and field management of infertility in cattle and buffaloes in rural Haryana, India, Fort Valley State College, USA, 1987-1989
  • Studies on uterine torsion in buffaloes, Government of Haryana (7th plan) 1985-1991
  • Studies on the ante-partum prolapse of vagina in buffaloes, Government of Haryana (6th plan) 1979-1986