Women Cell

As per instructions received from the State Government and the provision made in the Government of India (Gazette Notification No. 14 of 2013 Dt. 23.04.2013), a committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) has been constituted in this university for the period of two years from. 10.08.2022 to 09.08.2023 vide letter no. No.Regr./G-1/2022/ 6235  dated 22.10.2022.The committee will consider the cases of sexual harassment of  women at work places and implements the rules/ instructions received from time to time in this regard.

Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment through Gender Sensitization


Dr. Sonia Sindhu, Prof. & HoD, VPB


  1. Praveen Kumar Gahlot, Associate Prof., VAN
  2. Shalini Sharma, Asstt. Prof., VPB
  3. Archana Lohiya, Asstt. Prof., VPTx
  4. Ram Manohar, AAO, DEE
  5. Jyoti Gahlawat, Assistant o/o DHRM
  6. Kajal Bhardwaj, M.V.Sc. student (Admn. No. 2021V45M)
  7. Shiksha Saroha, UG student (Admn. No. 2020V67B)
  8. Advocate Kamlesh Rani Sharma, H.No. 153/7, Kamla Nagar, Hisar.
  9. Mudita Verma, Assoc. Prof. (Retd.), Social worker, PLA, Hisar.

Download:- https://www.ugc.gov.in/pdfnews/3284424_handbook.pdf