Infrastructure Available

Sr. No. Infrastructure Number
1. HOD Room One
2. Rooms for Faculty members -One roompresently given to COE Office Four
3. Seminar Room/Committee room with Projector facility One
4. Departmental Library One
5. Store Room One
6. Office Room One
7. Museum One
8. Under graduate Class Room with smart class facility One
9. PG Laboratory-1 One
10. PG Laboratory-2/Patho-microbiological Laboratory One
11. Histopathology Laboratory One
12. Clinical Pathology Laboratory One
13. Under Graduate Laboratory One
14. Immunopathology/Immunohistochemistry Laboratory One
15. Molecular Pathology & Processing Unit One
16. Cleansing & Sterilization Media room One
17. Resource Lab-Presently given to COVS Office One
18. Tissue Processing Facility-Presently given to Audit department of state One
19. Laboratory Animal Room-Presently given to Audit department of state One
20. Animal House (Poultry and Laboratory animal) One
21. Post Mortem Hall One