Post Graduate Students of The Department

Total number of M.V.Sc./Ph.D. students who have submitted thesis since inception of the Department (till July, 2023)
M.V.Sc.:       109
Ph.D.:          41

Name of post graduate students/ Research Assistants/ Senior Research fellows presently in the department

  1. Dr. Diksha Kandpal, Ph.D. student
  2. Dr. Paras Saini, Ph.D. student
  3. Dr. Shweta Valecha, Ph.D. student
  4. Dr. Rahul Singh, Ph.D. student
  5. Dr. Sameer, M.V.Sc. student
  6. Dr. Manisha Saharan, M.V.Sc. student
  7. Dr. Jadhav Mayuri Nitin, M.V.Sc. student
  8. Dr. Satya, M.V.Sc. student
  9. Dr. Arju, M.V.Sc. student
  10. Dr. Mahak, M.V.Sc. student
  11. Dr. Yaman Singh, M.V.Sc. student