Infrastructure Available


Lab Diagnostic facilities: Haematology, Urine analysis, Microscopic examination of blood, faecal and urine samples, Various Biochemical parameters analysis using fully automated chemistry analyzer, CMT, CST, PCR, Real Time PCR,  ELISA, based diagnosis of various diseases of livestock, electrolye analyzer,  Electrophoresis with Gel doc facility.

Diagnostic Imaging facilities: Computed radiography, ultrasonography and electrocardiography

Sample analysis in the laboratory:

Milk, Faecal, Urine, Blood, Serum, Vaginal swab, Skin scrappings, Semen etc

Clinical Facilities

Surgical facility for various surgical procedure like Diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy, rumenotomy, tracheostomy, urethrotomy, eye surgery. GIT surgery, orthopaedic surgery, Gynaecological surgery and onco-surgery in large, small, wild life and zoo animals.