Infrastructure Available

  1. Experimental Dairy plant : Department is having one experimental Dairy plant where the raw cow and buffalo milk is processed round the year. Raw milk is collected from Livestock farm and standardized, pasteurized, chilled, packaged and sold for consumption in the University campus.
  2. The Milk Processing Lab: Department has facilities for processing of milk into dairy products like khoa, burfi, ghee, paneer etc. These products are sold regularly in the University campus.
  3. Semi-automatic slaughterhouse and poultry processing plant: Department has one semi- automatic slaughter house for hygienic and scientific slaughter of small animals i.e. sheep, goat and pig. The department also has one semi automatic  poultry processing plant for slaughtering and processing of poultry .
  4. The Meat Processing Lab: Department has  facilities for processing of meat into meat products like sausages, rolls, patties, nuggets, pickles etc. These products are available for sale round the year.
  5. Analytical and quality evaluation laboratory: Department has facilities for physico-chemical, nutritional, sensory, and microbial quality evaluation of different livestock products.


  1. Automatic poultry processing plant
  2. Texture profile analyzer
  3. UV-visible Spectrophotometer
  4. Meat color analyzer
  5. Automatic digestion and distillation system-2
  6. Automatic solvent extraction system-2
  7. Automatic fiber analyzer
  8. BOD incubator
  9. Refrigerated centrifuge
  10. Vacuum packaging machine
  11. Ocular microscope with camera
  12. Meat miner-2
  13. Vacuum tumbler
  14. Milk processing plant
  15. Cup filling and sealing machine
  16. Cheese vat
  17. Cheese stretching and moulding machine
  18. Milk Homogenizer